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Your rights under the California Consumer Privacy Act

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) provides you with rights regarding how your data or personal information is treated. Under the legislation, California residents can choose to opt out of the “sale” of their personal information to third parties. Based on the CCPA definition, “sale” refers to data collection for the purpose of creating advertising and other communications. Learn more about CCPA and your privacy rights.

How to opt out

By clicking on the link below, we will no longer collect or sell your personal information. This applies to both third-parties and the data we collect to help personalize your experience on our website or through other communications. For more information, view our privacy policy.

My Why

I’m Sandra Duque, a Colombian native who grew up in New Jersey. I have always struggled to find clothes that fit me and with the belief that feeling great inside and out was my priority, I started a journey of self-discovery and growth by exploring how I can make the process easier. In 2021, I set out to learn, apply, change, and share with others my knowledge by starting, an  online clothing boutique that helps make it easier for women of all shapes and sizes to find products that fit their busy lifestyles while inspiring confidence and empowerment.

Our Purpose

I started this company in honor of the beautiful and strong women of my family, mainly my mother Carmen Lucia Ramirez, a great influence on my life. My mother struggled to find clothes that fit her curves and allowed her to remain in style. She loved to wear short skirts that showed off her lovely legs and tight clothes that featured her curves. As a teenager I was embarrassed at some of my mom’s styling choices because in my head, “moms are supposed to look like moms”’. (In the 80’s that meant boxy dresses, panty hoses and short hair) As I grew older and wiser, I realized that to my mom, the times, the place or other people’s views of her failed to matter, all that mattered was that she FELT GREAT!

Our Present

As a mother, a partner, an entrepreneur and a business professional, I understand perfectly well how difficult it is to manage it all. Keeping myself as a priority while juggling everyone's needs has always been my challenge. But after many years of suffering depression and anxiety, I learned that if I FEEL GREAT everything else falls into place.

Our Future

The times, places and people's views have changed but the struggle remains. We are still fighting for brands to recognize what real women look like and finding what feels great is still difficult. My hope is that by sharing  I can contribute to some change in how women view themselves and how they choose to be seen by others.

Thank you for being part of my future story.

Sandra L Duque